Just a Little memory of summer

Summer has just come to an end, soon the sunny days that we spent in the beach will be replaced by windy days that we will spend studying or working. Nevertheless I am sure there is one thing (if not more) that no matter what season it is, will help to feel that summer breeze in your hair. So this playlist (Consists of 10 songs)  is dedicated to all of you that believe in Summer Love. For all of you that had an amazing summer with their friends, for all of you that might have even made new friends. For all of you that remember that no matter what you can always keep summer in your heart. You can always shine the way through, only by smiling.

Now I know that I should get you drank first so this one is for all of you that want to feel good this summer.

Summer wine by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood

Although I do adore this version I suggest you listen to another version of it, one a  little bit more sensual. For that reason I would definitely recommend the Ville Valo featuring Natalia Avelon version.  Please do come sit down and enjoy this drink with me.

The second song I am going to recommend is quite different, but in a way very similar to the previous one. If you are up for a latin party next to the sea I definitely think you should play this song.
This is:

Smooth by Carlos Santana featuring Rob Thomas

My next suggestion is one of those songs that I have a love and hate relationship with. The official music video of this song is black and white it takes place on the beach and it features a woman and a man.

Wicked Game by Chris Isaac


Now I am pretty sure you can find plenty cover versions of wicked game, if you search. But just to save you some time I am going to tell you that I like the version HIM did, and the one Adam Gontier did, also there is a version by Stone Sour you can check that one out as well. Another one that I know of is by Three Days Grace though I am not really into that version you can go ahead and listen to it and decide if you like it for yourself.

Moving on to something that I think makes everyone want to move. This song is nothing like the previously mentioned ones. If you are planning to watch the original video you will notice it is a party, a concert, it is some friends having fun.

Jerk it out by The Caesars

The next song I am going to suggest, well I do not know if everyone is reminiscing summer when listening to it but I do, so here it is:

All Star by Smash Mouth


This song is amazing, and it has one of my favourite videos. It also has this amazing lyrics:

“Your brain gets smart, but your head gets dumb”

Another great song follows. I do not know if it is just me but this song makes my day bright, and it make me smile. It also reminds me that at the beginning of everyday I should be happy because I am a child, after all.

Daylight by Matt and Kim

So the next four songs are different that the previously mentioned.

First this is a folk Mexican song.

This is:

La Bamba by Ritchie Valens (1958)

Moving on the next song I would put in this list is a very nice song that surely reminds you of summer as much as “La Bamba”

Sweat by Inner Circle

The video of this song, is great but the thing that for me makes it stand out is the awkward dance movement. Check it out.

Moving on the next song is one of my favourite songs of that kind and that is because I remember listening to it with my friends when we were little. Dancing around to it. I have no words to describe this song but anyway.

Bongo Bongo by Manu Chao

The next one is the only song that is actually the kind of music you will hear at a beach bar (At least where I am from). This song is just a jam for the summer.

Summer Jam by Vic Krishna and Craig Smart from The Underdog Project 


I do hope you like this list, and please do leave suggestions about songs you like to listen that remind you of summer times. Also I do hope no one gets offended this is just a list of some of my personal favourites. So this is it and I will talk to you on my next post.


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