Are you really looking?

Written on the 7.1.2010

People say that every end is a new beginning, we come in this life to learn. But if we believe that there is nothing after death, then why would we try to be better? Just think about it, children in school study because they know they will earn something from it. They will grow up and go to a good university. Even the grown ups do it, they try to be good at work because they know that way they might get a raise. So every person works on something because they know that afterwards, they will be rewarded. In other words, if we are not sure about what is to happen after we die, why would we try to be better? If everything we do ends the day we die.

They say that what will make us immoral is love. If you love what you do then you will “live” forever through your work, But still the only thing you earn by that is for people to remember your name, and after many years you might be forgotten. So why fight death? Should we be frightened of it, because we won’t have the same hair, or the same pair of eyes… no, we will be reborn, our soul will travel till it goes in a new body. The important lessons we have already learned in one life, we won’t have to learn again in our next life. And now I am asking you, all of you, why would we die, why would we come to this world only one time and then leave again? It just makes no sense, to me at least.


Well I will tell you a secret, to find the answers to your questions, you do not need to travel the world, just one place is enough. Pick a tree and stare at it. Then think, if I were three, and this was the first time I ever saw a tree, how would I fell? Would I feel excited, or not, angry or happy? If I were thirteen, I would stare at the same tree, what would I say? Probably that it is tall and green, why would anyone come here, and cut it. Why? Now I am twenty three, looking at the exact same tree, it looks different, it makes me fell special, I am looking at it, and I imagine things that could happen, before I know it, the day turns into night. How beautiful this tree looks underneath the moonlight. Many years have passed since then, I am in front of that same tree, I am looking at it carefully, examining every detail, by now I know what is nice and what is not. In fact this tree bares no leaves, and then I remember it is an old tree, I feel bad, why would this tree have no leaves, if I were a tree I would not like it, if I had no leaves. More years passed and now I am in the hospital ninety three years old and outside my window I see the same tree, it has changed a bit, and even though my life is soon coming to an end soon, this tree, it has leaves again. I don’t know why, but that makes me happy, really happy, you see nothing dies, and not only that but now, it has a new friend. A small new tree, nothing like the other one, it is not alone. I close my eyes. My last memory will be that tree, the one I saw when I was three, and I am happy, because I know, someday I will see that tree again. Even though through the ages my emotion changed, the tree stayed the same. What I am trying to say is that you may go and see the whole world, and still you are unable to learn anything, It is because you were never really looking. So don’t try to stay immortal try to evolve and when it is time you will go, it only the natural course of life, but you must understand it, not fear it.


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