Let’s imagine

Welcome to this little fantasy playlist. I do not have a lot to say other than enjoy.

In no particular order as always this playlist consist of 18 songs.

Starting with the song

Walking in the air

, this song was featured in the movie the Snowman. The original version is amazing, but I also enjoy listening the Nightwish version of this song.

And Continuing with Nightwish we have four songs.

Sleeping Sun


Bless The Child


For a playlist like this I would actually recommend almost all of their songs just because I love their work. (but that was when Tarja was still their singer, their most recent work, well it is not that good in my opinion)

Moving on with

Sirenia- Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear


Sirenia- Meridian (acoustic version)

Moving on the Next One is

Fountain Of tears –A Descent into Maelstrom

Another instrumental song follows

X Ray Dog –Prophet

The song that I will suggest now means a lot to me it is called

Sequel of Decay

and it is by the band Tristania now this songlike most of the song in this list might not appeal to everyone but I like them so.

Now three songs:

Abraham’s Daughter by Arcade Fire

Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Via Dolorosa by Sandi Patti

And I am in no way suggesting those songs because of my religion I just like those songs , so I do not mean to offend anyone, so please just ignore them if you feel offended by them.

The Next three songs have to doo with angels in one way or another.

Send me an Angel- Scorpions

Tears of an Angel- Ryandan

Angel- Judas Priest

Now the next song has to do with a story

The Bards Song- Blind Guardian

The Last Song is

O’Children by Nick Cave

I hope you enjoy this.


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