Mom at 16 the movie

Saturday, November 03, 2012 4:16 PM

I just watched Mom at Sixteen again. I remember watching it a few years back and I remember crying at the end. But this is what I am going to say this movie is just amazing it is not the most popular movie out there, but it is definitely a good movie. The movie talk about Jessie a 16 year old High School student that got pregnant at 15, she did not tell her boyfriend at the time she just disappeared moved away with her mother. Though in the beginning she decides to keep the baby boy, Charlie and let her mom raise him as the movie passes by she starts to want to have more responsibilities about what is happening in his life. She tell her ex-boyfriend about the baby and when she comes home she gets into an argument with her mother. The argument is so intense that Jessie tells her mother she does not need her and that she can do this on her own. But soon enough she realizes she can not do it on her own, she starts to grow and she realizes the moment she had a baby it stopped being about her. There was a baby there that needed a family and Jessie could not provide him that, so she decides to give him up for an adoption , not to some unknown family, but to her school teacher and her husband , which is also the coach at her school, they agree to an open adoption and so the story ends with Charlie saying that he is the only one that knows how much Jessie loves him, and not only that but Jessie is also the one that helped him find his family. The last scene of this movie is so emotional and it just puts meaning to everything. When she decided to put her baby above herself and she let her ego to the side everything turned out to be just fine. They both had a good life after that, she was able to fulfill her dreams, and she also provided her child with a good quality life. At the end of the day that is the job of a mother, to raise her child up so that he/she can have a good life and if that means separation that is what it means. Apart from that I believe that open adoption is much much better than an ordinary one. The child that way knows the true reasons why it was given away. It was because his mother put him above herself because she wanted to give him a better life. And I do doubt that is a bad thing, I think it is a beautiful thing to know that your mother, your birth mother loved you that much that although she wanted to keep you to herself she decided to put you above.


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