The Taming of the Shrewd

The Taming of The Shrewd


Okay, so this play was written by none other than William Shakespeare and it also happens it is the play I will perform with my theatre team. So this is what I first thought, when I read it. It is a very interesting story line. I like how it is a play in the play, although that will be very hard to put across to the audience, I mean if you do not already know it. Other than that the comments he makes at times are quite sexual but funny at the same time. It is not my favourite Shakespeare play but it is a pretty good one. I still can not get over the fact though that we are not playing ……(the play that it is a curse to say its name). That is what I truly wanted to play since it is my last year of Theatre. I wanted something more challenging. Even though I will play a man and that on it’s own is pretty challenging. For those of you that are not familiar with The taming of the Shrewd. It is about this play that is being presented in which there are two daughters one is sweet and everyone wants to marry her and the other one is quite horrible. It is a great play and I would definitely recommend you to read it or watch it if you ever get the chance.There is also a movie you can check out. Read the book online here


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