December// Christmas

Christmas is 25 days away which means soon enough I will finally have some time for my self. Which also reminded of something, I should really start writing more, it is hard you know. Writing is the only thing I love, it has never hurt me or betrayed me like everything else. And I should really start writing more, like I used to, and then I thought of something. Do you know Vlog-Mas it is huge on youtube, all vloggers and youtubers start posting a video for every day till Christmas, Starting today. Every year more and more people do it. Now what if I did it but not Vlog-Mas but Blog- Mas a new post for everyday till Christmas, where I will pour my soul out to you. From the most little and insignificant thing to important stuff, after all the paper will never betray me, and I believe that with all my heart.


I am doing MUN (model United Nations) this year, MUN conferences are simulations of what happens in the real UN and I can honestly say I love it. While doing that I can be as dynamic as I want, and it is amazing. That is why I am really glad my school is attending THIMUN this year. THIMUN is the biggest MUN conference in Europe and it is Hague  which is exciting, I really can not wait to visit the Hague with my friends it is going to be amazing it truly will be.

Moreover I am really happy because everything I do, turns out good, I think it is because I really dedicate myself to having the perfect outcome. Now this blog I have let it go, I have I know I really need to commit myself more to it, but honestly where can I find the time? My life is so full right now, I do not even have time to breathe, in just a year everything has become so much more complicated. And if it this way now, how will I survive next year, how will I be able to survive through the IB and get into a good university.


Enjoy this last month of 2012, a year that brought excitement, joy, as well as maybe sadness at times, but all those things you experienced are what made you the person that is reading this today. What are your hopes for this month, is there anything you said you must do before 2012 comes to an end; Is there anything you wish to do before you great the next year, and get a new calendar? Because do not forget in just 31 days a new year is coming.  And if you do not celebrate Christmas I still hope your Winter break is full of joy, and you get to see your family and friends and maybe celebrate anything you celebrate.


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