Christmas Day 2

Day 2 it is of Blog-mas. Okay so this past week I found out about this series called “Once Upon A Time” and I have to say I fell in love with it, I have now seen all the episodes that have been released , and I can not wait for Season 2 Episode 9 to come out. If you are not familiar with the seiries, the storyline goes like this, there is this world where all fairytale characters live, but the Queen from Snow White (which was one of the fairytales I did not like as a kid, I mean it was scary and sad, at least the Disney version of it was) puts a curse and all those characters come to our world, a world without magic, and they do not remember who they used to be. And the only way the curse will be broken is if Emma Swan (the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming), break it. Anyway many things happen and it is just an amazing series and the way they combine the fantasy world with the real (to us real) world is very good.

A fun fact. Did you know that all the Fairytale prince are called “Prince Charming”, though in the original story the prince might have had an other name or no name at all, it seems this term has been used/ is being used for all those characters, that appear in many classic tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, it appears that the term was first used to describe a prince that was charmed (by someone/something) and not for one that was charming.

Anyway that is something I find really interesting, I mean it seems like all the ladies in our classic fairytales have a man with the same name, what are your thoughts on that weird// funny or who could care less?


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