December 4th, FIELD TRIP TODAY YAY or NAY?

Today (4th of December) we went to a field trip with my school. And with all honesty I do not know why they chose this programme, we are 15-16 year olds, and this programme is for 8 year olds or something like that. It was about the Ice and Antarctica but it was childish, I mean come on we know what the North and South Pole is. And we know that penguins live there. It is just knowledge we already have, so how can you truly expect us to be fascinated by it, I mean come on, realistically speaking we are past that point.

On October, on our previous school trip they had chosen something quite interesting for it had to do with art and maths and dimensions, and it was more scientific more mature, more something our age. Why can’t they choose mature stuff for us, maybe because they do not think we are mature enough,I mean think about it, the teachers rarely think that we are mature enough, they all just see us as kids, you can argue with that all you want, but that is what is going on at my school.

On a more happy and cheery note, I am really in love with this song , it is called “The Power Of Love” (Originally by Frankie Goes to Hollywood)and it is by Gabrielle Aplin. This song is featured in the following advertisement “John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012- Journey” but with all honesty I had no idea about what John Lewis was, I found our yesterday because everyone was like <<Thumbs up if you knew her before the John Lewis Advert>> and I was all like, what is John Lewis. I found out it is a store later on. Anyway go listen to the song, it is amazing and also see the advert, it is pretty good, both are linked above so you won’t have to search for them. And if you do please leave me on the comment section your opinion about the song, or a song suggestion, anything really.


It is the Countdown to Christmas meaning we only have 21 more days, amazing is it not?

In this section (will not always be a part of the blog) I will write something that is related to Christmas, and the days that are after this section, I will probably post something different instead of just a blog entry.

My favourite Christmas song is “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” I love it so much especially the beginning where it mentions all the names of the reindeer’s. Yup so this is my favourite Christmas song probably, and What is yours I would really like to know.



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