Ever heard of Terry Goodkind?

So the past year I have been reading this Author he is called “Terry Goodkind” and he has written a series called “The Sword Of Truth Series” as well as a book called “The Law of Nines”. His latest Book is called “The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus”.

Now all his books apart from “the Law of Nines” are talking about the same world. they all take place in the same world, in different parts of it and different times. I personally am half-way through the Sword of Truth series, and I am honestly loving it, I have gotten all my friends to read it, I just think it is an amazing story.

The book is about Richar, who is the seeker of truth, and his friends Zed and Kahlan in the beginning, but as the story goes by more and more people are allied to him, and want to help him, in his struggle to save the world. The book is epic and I definitely recommend it. But if you are not sure whether you should read it or not you can do 2 things.

First watch the series “The Legend Of The Seeker” it is loosely based on the book. The point is you will get the main feel of it.

The second thing you can do is buy the first book of the series called “Wizards First Rule”, if you like it then just continue reading


6 thoughts on “Ever heard of Terry Goodkind?

  1. I read the first one. It was the worst crap I have ever read, and the big point of people being stupid just sounded condescending to me. I really genuinely hated it, sorry to say. But I know it’s popular, so I’m likely in the minority.

    1. It is an opinion, and I am glad you shared it. Honestly I believe that the books that appeal to us also have to do with what we believe and what we have been through in our lives. For example in my literature class I do like this guy who is a really famous greek writer but I absolutely hate him. So you know I respect others opinions, even when I might disagree

      1. Understood. I am a bit of a fantasy nut, and I love Stephen R. Donaldson and George R.R. Martin and Lloyd Alexander and guys like that. Goodkind just fell really flat for me. Maybe it was just when in my life that I read him, I dunno.

  2. I couldn’t get on with this series sadly, I accepted all the coincidences at the beginning and read through to about a third of the way through book three. It had some great bits in it but over all didn’t hold my interest enough. Perhaps one day I shall give it another go though.

    1. I know what you mean, I felt the same way at the beginning, but now that I am in book eight, everything is slowly coming together. All the things that used to be words and theories are making sense to me right now. I would definetely recommend that you give it another go.

      1. I think my copies of the first three or four are at my parents house still so I may hunt them out. I remember that bit in…book 2 I think where the main guy almost gets trapped in that cave. That was harrowing for us claustrophobes lol.

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