December 5th!!

December 5th it is, and the sun just set and it was a really beautiful orange pink red colour, it was amazing, behind the small hill I live in. It was a just captivating really. Now that the Winter is here I will go up the hill one day to sit there you know, write a bit maybe, sit down and think. All  of that cool stuff.

I am having an issue right now I need to get a really good planner or make on, or something like that because I am falling behind in some of my school subjects and in others I am ahead if that makes sense. I used to use printed paper you know divided in lines and boxes but it does not work anymore. So I am going to do that during the Christmas break. It is funny actually how much work I will have this Christmas, like a lot of work.

I think I will need a lot of time, till I finish and, I am completely organised once more.

Anyway 20 more days till Christmas and I’ll post again once I can.


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