December 8th?? what happened to 7th

Alright so this is the case. Friday’s I spent my whole day and when I say the whole day a mean 12-13 hours, so I do not really have time, next Friday I will I will not be having theatre so I can post. but this is the case. Also Today I was working the whole day. and it is late now but I should post this. I do not want to drop out. and stop doing this, it gives me joy.

Tomorrow I will be posting a few short writings. One’s that I wrote in one of my classes on Friday. So that is pretty exciting to me. Also I had a literature test on Friday. and i did quite well to my surprise. Lastly, tomorrow I will be doing quite a lot of research on the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994. It is a very interesting topic. I also saw the movie “Hotel Rwanda” and it was so touching/moving. During the last part I cried so much. I do not want to ruin it for anyone. But I definitely recommend, you see it. Other than that yesterday in one of my classes we saw “Good Bye Lenin” and that movie I  enjoyed, not like a lot but it was a pleasant movie to watch.

I guess that is it because I truly need to go to bed I am so exhausted. So I guess this is goodnight 🙂 and Sweet Dreams


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