December 9th.

Happy Birthday to everyone who is called Anne or Anna. Happy Nameday. It so happens that my two oldest friends at this point are both called Anna so Happy Birthday.

So I would like to talk to you a bit for something. The topic is Philosophy  Now Philosophy is a a subject that well it is the subject that I chose to read on, and then write  my oratory topic. The problem is I can not chose something. It needs to be controversial, cause it is supposed to be a persuasive and not informative.

Now I was thinking about doing some kind of combination between, perfection and philosophy,  you know like the 6 Arts (it is a Chinese Philosophy), but I am not so sure about what I should do. I do not even know if I should do Philosophy at all, so if you have any ideas post then down below I really need a good topic for a persuasive speech.

Other than that in an hour or so, I will post the promised writings. But as for right now I have choirs to do. and because we have geusts coming over I should really get to it.

In 16 Days it is Christmas.and the song for today is a really nice one. It is called “Fairytale of New York”

P.S. I really do not like the new youtube layout. What is your opinion.


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