December 11th Last day??

Okay so happy December 11th. Now you are probably wondering, why is it the last day. Well it is not, tomorrow it is. It is the last day when we will be able to say 12.12.12 it is probably that is the last one we will live through so that is quite great. I am really looking forward to that, i mean why not.

So I am really excited for the movie “The Hobbit ” I really can not wait, I am a huge Lord Of the Rings fan, and I seriously can not wait to see the movie, I have already read the book a few years back, so I believe I will enjoy it very very much. Though I will have to keep a bit calm, since I am going with a friend, and a friends friend. I mean my friend know how i am, but the other person.. it will just end up really awkward.

Today at school, we used the bicycles so that was amazing we had so much fun.

That is it for today 14 days left.


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