December 12/12/12 repetitive day…

So Good day, and happy 12/12/12 I really do not want to focus on that. I mean I talked about it yesterday, and I do not want to talk about it today. I just feel it will be to much. now if anyone wants me to talk about it. I guess leave a comment and I can figure something. A poem or a paragraph. but as for right now this post will focus on different things.

Firstly I would like to start with my day at school, which was BORING they brought these people to talk to us about like history but they were so boring and one of them was so prejudiced, so we really did not want to pay attention, I mean I would have rather be in class, and have like my economics class than that for sure. Other than that my Chemistry Test for the term went ok, I think I did average, but I just wish I have a 17 or 18 so that I can have a good grade when I combine Biology, Physics, and Chemistry all together.

Moving on to better stuff. I want to talk to you about writing, which is really one of the most important parts of me, and I love to write. I decided I wanted to write and be a writer when I was in the second grade. I have some stories from back then that I wrote, that I look back at and think to myself like this story can not possibly get any crazier. But it is really hard for me to let people see what I write. It is the most sacred and personal part of me, and it hurts to think that anyone can judge it. I do not care if they tell me something about my appearance, but my writing is just, to precious to allow anyone comment negatively on. Now I also wanted to talk about how there are different types of Writing and I do not mean genre and, this is solemnly based on my opinion and the way I perceive things, so I do not know how true it is, like scientifically. But I feel like you have those things you wrote because you truly had something to say, or some feeling, that you needed to express, and then there are this stories that you just wrote because you had a cute idea about a couple or a nice plot that truly had nothing to say, but you decide to write it.  Now the second category is one I understand, it being done, but I feel that if you cant incorporate a message in your story or a feeling, then you lose half the point of writing for yourself. Writing is the way to let your feelings out, or there is no true point in writing.  I do not want to talk about specific authors that I find that their stories are just cute, and do not truly have any lesson to give, because I think that everyone knows of one or two, and I do not want to mention one. If you want a me talking about books I have read in general and writers kind of post, then just tell me so, and I always try to do , anything requested, ever since before this blog, when I used to have a youtube channel for making stuff. and that is what I will be talking about next.

Okay, so I do not know how many of you are aware of the fact that there are writers in youtube that are teenagers, like my age, that started with writing fan ficts (fan fiction on stories on couples of their choice) but then moved on to more original ideas. Now not many people know of that world in youtube, but I would like to say, that it is a great experience, if you start with doing a couple collabs (collaboration between you and others to write a story), and it is honestly one of the best experiences I had, especially during the part of my life, that I was really into it, and I had made plenty of friends. but I am over that now, because that was also a pretty dark time, I was really a loner back then, and I only talked with my online friends, so I really tried a lot to get back on my feet because, I had some issues psychological mostly.  But yeah, that does not take away the fact that it was a nice thing to do, and it made you realise that, you are not alone, writing I mean.

Last thing I would like to talk about is… a song. This is my new song suggestion of the day. It is called “Fear not this Night” (lyrics can be found here.) and it is from a game, online game my brother plays. The song is amazing and so inspirational to me. It just reminds me that I should continue fighting and that I should not give up. The chorus, truly sums up the whole song, and it gives you the main message, that you are on the right path no matter, what, and you should not fear that you aren’t, because even if for a minute you go the wrong way and take a wrong turn you should not worry, because you will soon enough get back on track. Which really is a beautiful thing really. The whole song is about , the fact that you should have faith, in whatever it is you as an individual have faith in, but mostly yourself. And that hope is always there, and opportunities will always can. And  in the last little bridge you can call it, because I really do not want to call it a verse. It talks also about how there is someone there that can guide you (that is always if you let them in, whether it is a relative or a friend).

So that is it for today. It is a pretty big post, but if you have read till this moment, I thank you for having the patience to deal with my random thoughts, which believe me is hard. Thank you and have a nice day, or night. and I will post tomorrow again for sure. Maybe today, depends on how I personally feel.


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