December 13th

Good day, so nothing interesting happened today. School went fine, and so did the rest of my day. I cleaned my room, which was something I really needed to do, and now I am laying in bed, waiting for my friend to go in Facebook so we can talk a bit. Other than that nothing extraordinary happened, I found a new song, but it is in Japanese it is called “Kimagure Princess”  It is a weird kind of song, the lyrics I mean, but I like it. Also I have been listening to the song in th “How I write a song” video Marie Digby posted in 2010. That song is touching it really is.

So I am not done with this life, not just yet. But I am done with today’s blog post. good night/day, and sweet dreams (whether the dreams are in your sleep or you are simply day dreaming.)

P.S. Today at my ancient Greek class we talked about our hopes and dreams and what we want to do once we grow older


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