December 15th

In ten days it will be Christmas!!


I have been reminiscing about Harry Potter you do not even know nor can you understand how much power that world gives me. To me it is real always have been always will be, no matter how old I get I will always go back, and Hogwarts will always welcome me back, no matter what happens it is that place that no one can take from me. Just like all those places on my papers, no one can take them away from me, they are mine and I do not care if others think they are stupid or wicked places , those are the places I have been in, an the relationships that I have had, the most important relationship in my life as a human trying to evolve. That paper holds my thoughts of the world, or of another world. And Yes it is real, it is my dream world, but that does not make it any less real it exists, and it exists in every single person, maybe you have forgotten about it, but believe me when I say you have been there, when you were smaller. Do you remember, do you, oh yes those were happy times, when the only thing that truly mattered was if your parents would put you to sleep. Or if you would get to go to the playground, and make new friends. Thinking about it, why was it so easy back then, all you needed to do was go and ask “Do you want to be my friend?” know a great deal more goes into making friends. You can’t just go up to someone and simple say “Hi” they will think you a lunatic. And because I am a Potterhead at the end of the day I would answer “You are just a sane as I am” though I do doubt that would give them comfort. Actually I think they would run away, At least I made them exercise, did a good thing today = I can go to bed peaceful.


Are you interested in hearing another thing I really find amazing. When you are among a small child, for the first time, and your parents are sitting there talking. And that kid is running around like crazy, trying to catch your attention, all you need to do is smile. Then they’ll come running up to you and tell you to read them a story, or draw something with them, or even just play a game, and it will make you happy, so happy.



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