December 17th…. i am getting lost in days.

Okay, so I do not know why this is, but I keep forgetting what day it is. It is like crazy hectic in my mind, figures. Now lets get on with it.

Hello, world of the Internet.

Today, I had my history exam, the whole weekend I have been studying for this test, and also this whole day before the exam, which was during 5th period, I had been studying. At the end of the day, when that paper came in front of me and I looked at all the questions I knew that I could do it, and I could write a good test. You can not imagine the satisfaction I got from that, I mean I had worked so hard and it was paying off finally.

It was a really tiring day today, and I got a terrible headache and I was really dizzy, so now I am laying in bed. I also need to finish some bracelets my mum wants, so I should really start working on those.

Other than that nothing really special happened today. It was quite a boring day actually, studying and studying. Okay, so this is what I am wondering, why is it that every time, I follow my instinct and logic, I feel good but (there is always a but) I still run all the possibles scenarios in my mind. even though I know I made the better choice. It really frustrates me.


Christmas is only 8 days away, and I am getting really excited. This will be the first time in 3 months that I will sit for a bit, instead of study everyday. And I will also get to read my books. What are you most excited for this Christmas season?



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