HELLO!!!! (small diary, small playlist, old writings, so random)

Hey my people, how are you this lovely day, actually it is night where I am, and guess what it is raining. IT’S RAINING MEN HALLELUJAH. AS YOU PROBABLY CAN FIGURE OUT i AM HYPERERIGHT NOW AND REALLY HAPPY SO THIS IS A RANDOM POST (better stop with the capitals now). Okay so I love rain I really do it is kind of my inspiration when I have a writers block, or I am sick, and just do not feel like doing anything. And there are many song about this subject rain. and I really love them in fact this is a mini playlist with songs that I just thought and have to do with water.

Obviously the first one is Raining Men by Weather Girls.

After that my absolute inspirational song , that I love very very much, (not my favourite song but definitely it is very up on the scale) is called

Tears Of An Angel by RyanDan

there is this part in the song that says “stop every clock, the stars are in shock” and for some reason I am in love with that stanza and with the one “I won’t say goodbye, I won’t let you slip away from me”

Then there is this song called

What if The Storm Ends by Snow Patrol

Stand in the Rain by Superchic(k)

Okay I can’t really think of something else other than

Drop in The Ocean by Ron Pope


Let’s Take the world Tonight by Shane Harper (but we only have a sample of it so…)

Okay so what follows is something I wrote in 2010, I believe so … who knows. Also it talks about god in parts, I am not really religious meaning I do not go to church or say a specific prayer, but I do believe in a combination of things truly and so, if you do not want to read simply because it has a reference to god, then do not. But at some points I might talk about go (not religion making this clear . NOT RELIGION) because it is a part of me, and I may feel the urge to write about it, and if you are not interested I can understand that and I am okay with it.

Is it not funny? How water is pouring down the sky, in the exact same way, tears stream down one’s face. In the same exact way their both good and bad. Like Rain, Hate Rain, Stay away from it, Be Disgusted by it, Love Rain.

Rain is the tears streaming down the Creators face, for he is sad and frustrated from what is done to his creations, some times even by what they bring upon themselves. At other times, rain is falling down upon us because it is the gift of life, no life could exist without water, or maybe it would, in some other plane of existence, in some other part of this universe.


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