December 22nd.. I am so into this right now

Hello world of the internet,  alright so I have a question, Do you prefer longer blog entrances or shorter ones. When I get no feedback on an entrance I always consider the reasons this happened. And I have noticed that I get less feedback on my longer posts, so I assume that it is because of the length. Anyway, please tell me which posts you enjoy more.


Okay as I have said before Friday’s are one really full day, and I can not write posts, I do not need to further explain that, I just could not write, go to my previous blog to find out more.


I am so into doing MUN and Forensics  right now, I am just so into doing all the research and learning all this new things, like the theory of Triangular Love, as well as reading papers on all these theories, I  found out about. Apart from that,  it is awesome that through this work, that I do on my own, I figure out the way writing  reports on papers, should be of course. My favourite right now is doing Impromptu, in that moment you can just be as spontaneous as you want to, and you are allowed to take a topic and turn it into whatever pleases you.

Anyway that is it. for all of you that wish to know, the world did not end (pity haha) and we have 3 days till Christmas which means 3 days till this blog/mas is over, are you intrested in me continuing the daily blog posts?


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