December 23rd I feel good

Alright so December 23, I still can’t believe that I stuck with this, and kept it going for the whole of 25 days (almost anyway). I just can not describe how satisfied with myself I feel right now. This has helped me really like figure out not only who I am, but the power of will that I have. I really feel more prepared for the year that is coming with the IB and all. Now I know that all it really takes is persistence and patience. I will make it, and I will get into a really good University because if I believe in my self I can.


Now I want to go read my book, which is something I have not done in a while, also I cut my finger today, which makes it so hard for me to write, but I can not just say that I will not write, because that would just be wrong, a wrong think of me to do.



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