December 24th …Plans

Alright, so this week is fully planned out, tomorrow I am going out with my family and my not family (my mum’s boyfriend family) but then again I might not, because I just found out that this will probably get cancelled (and I am really happy about that). Other than that on Wednesday I will go out with a “friend” of mine, and we will see how that goes ;). On Thursday I will finally go watch the Hobbit and go out for lunch with my mum and her best friend. And finally on Friday some friends are coming over, and that will be a lot of fun, and it will just be awesome. Other than that I have a problem with my wrist, it really Hurts and bothers me.

Last but not List Happy Christmas Eve and I recommend you listen to some Christmas music, eat dinner. Also there is this play called “Can Santa be Black”. It was the play I did in fourth grade, and I was Santa, it is an amazing play so please go check it out.


I am going to go read my book now, “The Pillars Of Creation” by Terry Goodkind


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