Lord Of The Rings…. Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey

Yesterday, I got to go see the new movie by Peter Jackson, entitled Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Okay, so I will give you some basic information, you will probably know all of it, and then my opinion on the movie mostly, just because it was about 5-6 years ago when I last read the book by J.R.R. Tolkien.

The screenplay was written by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo Del Toro and Peter Jackson.

The are also the three people that wrote the screenplay for all three the movies Lord Of The Rings.

The amazing music was, of course, by Howard Shore, exactly like all the Lord Of The Rings Movies.

Hobbit is one book, but it was divided in three parts during post-production. An interesting thing, that you will probably know if you had seen the extended movie (the extras part), is that when Peter Jackson first got the rights, to turn them into a movie, he was told to make one movie for all three books, but no matter how much he cut he could only get it to be two movies, or it would be to pressed (if that makes sense)  so the company that was going to produce it (Miramax), declined it, so Peter Jackson searched for another company, when he made the deal with New Line. New Line was really interested in having a trilogy. So that is why have 3 movies for LoTR.

Like the Lord Of The Rings, Hobbit is also filmed (mostly) in New Zealand.

The movie is about 13 Dwarves lead by Thorin, and Bilbo Baggins, that start a journey to go back to the Lonely Mountain, and reclaim their mother land. This is the quest where Bilbo finds the Ring Of Power, and also gets a lot of his wealth (because he is really wealthy)

Now the movie was really nice, I must say I enjoyed it a lot. There were some things I did not like, but that is to be expected. For example, there was this phrase that Gandalf said something about golf, I honestly do not remember if that was mentioned in the book, if it was, well I still do not like it.  Other than that, the movie was really easy to follow, and I loved the lines. At some point Gandalf says “Home is behind the World ahead”, and if you do not know -or remember- this is the first line of Edge Of Night, the song Pippin sings in Denethors hall, before the Field Of Pelennor music, anyway so that really got to me. I really liked that many of the actors came back, because I can not imagine anyone else playing their role.

Now the last thing, I would like to mention is “Misty Mountain Cold” I love that song, I’ve been listening to it all summer, so I know it by heart. It is a great song.

So that is it for today, I think so yeah bye.


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