One More Update for you

Okay so I think I have 3 things to say so here it goes.

Firstly I must start by saying, thank you for an amazing Blog-Mas, you people might not even understand it but you made my Christmas a lot better, by either liking or commenting on my blog posts.

Second thing I wanted to say is, I have started working on my original oratory, started writing it I mean, and it is about what love we accept, and I was thinking I might start posting some extract from it in this Blog, for you to read, and afterwards I might post the whole speech , but of course all that in time.

Last but not least. One of the most exciting trips of my life (so far that is)  is going to be this January. And that gave me a thought, why not post everyday till THIMUN, starting by the First of January. But those posts will have a lot more to do with the MUN and also DSA-MUN (which took place in October). I think it will be fun, and also because I will be really busy during that period, I thought this would be a good way to keep this going.


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