Judgment and Gossip

So yeah the title, just so that I can further explain myself no this is not a post about how bad it is to do this things. It is actually a post of me saying I have had enough.


So as a person I am very tensed and strict with myself. My mind just won’t shut up for even a second. So I hate when I also have to consider what everyone else is saying about me, even if it something good. And for some reason this past week and a half everyone has been doing this and it upsets me so much.


First they did it while I was in the Hague (Yay THIMUN) , with my best guy friend and of course myself. And everyone was gossiping about how we should be together or that we like eachother, and we ended up fighting actually, well not fighting but he has not spoken to me since Wednesday and I do not even know why so , I would rather if I had not gone through that. And now they did that with my grades, why would I lie about my grades like, you can find the truth even if I lie. this just bugs me so much.

Is it  just me,am I the only one that feels like their head will blow up, even if like they know the other person is talking about positive stuff.


Anyway also a small update, my computer is dead as in  not working anymore, I am planning to but a new laptop but I do not know when that will happen so, these are my news. And thank you for your likes and comments, very much I appreciate them so yeah thank you, whole heartedly thank you.


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