I Should be Posting.

I should be posting. I think only the title of this makes my point clear. But I do not have time. I remember when I first started this blog, I had this perfect idea in my mind of what I wished to do. But I have not done those things because I do not have the time. But I decided that I will try to make a schedule, a schedule I can keep up with, and stick to as much as I can. The schedule will be something like this (though I have not given it much thought yet). Okay, so there will be a music/book post, every other week on Wednesday. So lets say I post tomorrow then I will not post the next week. Then there will be a post on one of the other topics, once a month (probably on a Saturday), and finally there will be a diary entry type of post every sunday. The diary post will summarise my whole week, and it will also have some random thoughts.  Moreover during the Easter break (which for me starts this Friday-last day of school) I will post every single day. After that I have exams, which means I do not know if and when I will have time to post. Lastly, during the summer I will have a diary that I will call “Writer’s diary” which means that every day during my summer vacation I will write my manuscript -hopefully I will finish it- in the “Writer’s diary” I will post small parts from the story, my thoughts, and the difficulties I experience. Maybe, during the summer, I will also finish the Terry Goodkind series.

Next Wednesday is a book post day. I will post my review on the trilogy by Sarah Ash “The Tears Of Artamon” which I am very close to finishing.

Thank you to everyone, that liked my previous post, and generally everyone that reads-likes-comments-follows, my blog. I appreciate it very much. Please feel free to ask me, or start talking to me.


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