Favourite cartoon movies from Childhood part 1

A few days ago , I was laughing around with my brother over some scenes from cartoon movies that we remembered. And because I love laughing and smiling, this is a list of my favourite movies from when I was younger(mostly the ones that made me laugh). The order will be kind of random, so yeah.Let’s get started!!

First movie I will add in this list, is the movie that inspired me to write it.  The movie Mulan is one of my all time favourite movies. The sequel to Mulan (Mulan 2) was actually quite good, and one of the few sequels of Disney movies that I genuinely enjoyed. My favourite character in this movie is, of course, Mushu, the little dragon that assists Mulan.  Mushu’s voice is done by Eddie Murphy, in the english version of the movie, but I personally adore the voice they gave him in the Greek version (by the actor Petros Filippidis). Lastly, this scene is what made me write this list. Therefore, here is a link to it.

Next is the very heartfelt The Lion King. Personally I found the first Lion King to be a little depressing, but The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride I was obsessed with it, I knew all the words in the movie.

Off to the Disney Princesses. ( I am aware of the fact Mulan is a Disney Princess so here I will talk about some more classic Disney Princess).

The Disney Princess I admired the most while I was growing up was, Princess Aurora. Followed by Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. I think I like those two the most because they are also ballet, and when I was little I had this book called Ballet Stories.

The next two movies, are both hilarious. There are scenes that I have seen a thousand times and yet I still laugh when I watch them. The first one is Shrek, my favourite character in this movie is the Donkey (whose voice is once again Eddie Murphy). He is just hilarious to watch.

The second one is The Emperor’s New Groove. Alright, so in this movie there is a waterfall scene (I do not want to spoil it too much if you have not yet watched this movie) and I can honestly say, I have never laughed with a scene in an animated film as much.

Okay this is it for part 1 of my list.  Tune in for part 2, which will be posted in a few days (hopefully during the weekend). Leave a comment with some of your favourite films, from when you were growing up. Till next time, I hope you are all well.


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