Inspiration in Places

Every writer has their own places, where they get inspired. Yet what I have noticed is that there are three main “categories”, let’s say of places that tend to make us want to write.

The first one is a place that we usually keep very close to our heart. For example, the house that you would spent you vacations as a child. This place is one you are very familiar with and feel comfort when you are there. Most of the time it is not the home you live in at that particular moment in your life, which is kind of weird since your home is the place you feel most comfortable being at. This area that you find comfort being in, does not need to be a house. It could be the top of the mountain behind your house, or a valley nearby, or the sea. But, it usually is a peaceful place, where you are alone. You and your writing.

The second category of places consist of places with lots of people. Like coffee shops. Many writers have admitted that most of their writing has been done in the local coffee shop. A place that they will sit in for hours. I personally love being in public places, observing the people around me, and the way they react to different situations. I am guessing that this observing helps when you write about your characters everyday life and routine.

The third and final category of places is areas that we may have, or may have not yet visited. Usually these areas have some kind of mystery to them. For example, some of the places that are really inspiring to me are: Medieval castles in Europe, Temples and Ashrams in Asia, and cities in the desert (like Petra). These areas vary for every writer, and vary depending on the book that you are writing. That is what is the main difference between the third and the first two categories.

I hope this post gave you some ideas as to where to find inspiration. What are your favourite places to go for inspiration?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration in Places

  1. I tend to favour the pub…but then I would, i live in Mansfield. Having said that if we hunt for inspiration in all places then the whole world becomes a writing ground, no palace, i like that better.

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