First Stage of Writing? Maybe, not.

I was never the type of person that would think of something to write, before I actually wrote it. That, was by choice, because I knew that everytime I decided on every single detail of the story, and outline, then I would simply not write it. After that I decided it was time to change it up a bit.


So my goal was to write a little bit every single day. The story, well only God knew what it was about. The bad thing about this method of writing was that I started writing with the narration being in first person, and finished with the narration in third person. Disaster . This is the only word that can describe it. So after that I started editing the first part and changing the narration. Everything was well, the beginning of the story was not very original, but I was okay with it. And then came the horrible time, the time when my laptop broke, and although  I do keep backups, I did not have a backup of my story.


Looking back to it now, I am glad that happened. It made me realise quite a lot of stuff about my writing.

First of all, Decisions.

It is very important that you decide the narration, the characters and the place, beforehand. After that you can always start with outlining or with your first draft.

Outlining or First Draft?


Well, that is another one of those very important decisions, I realise now that writing the First Draft, or writing the Outline, to me is exactly the same, there is only one small –you can say- difference, if you write the Outline first, your editing processes will go by so much easier. Your structure will probably need less correcting, and therefore, your life will be a lot easier. All of this, does not mean outlining is the way to go.

No, the way to go is your personal way. And if you only remember one thing from this post, it is this. Your writing (story) has a life, it is the autobiography of your characters, therefore there is no specific path that you must follow during the process of writing, as long as you stay true to your story.


2 thoughts on “First Stage of Writing? Maybe, not.

  1. Great post. Whenever I’m working on a longer story I almost always outline it. It makes it much easier to write, since you already know where the characters need to get to, and a rough idea of how you want them to get there. Of course simply writing from the get go is probably the most fun, since you get to discover the plot at the same time as the characters. That thrill of discovery is one of the reasons writing is a such an amazing experience. Great post.

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