Update (Tumblr and Document your Life)

Summer just started. This means two things.

  1. A lot of extra time
  2. Most of my friends are on vacation

Those reasons can lead to me being extremely bored, most of the day. But, I have this blog, and I promised myself I would try to be active. So I will post as frequently as I possibly can and I will try to also update my Tumblr blog (a copy of this blog mostly) with a lot of pictures. My Tumblr blog will be kind of the way for me to update you on what will be on my Document your Life video, which brings me to my second update. I will start making Document your Life videos. If you do not know what this is, well… it is an online project created by Lauren Hannah more information can be found in this link. So I will try my best to take part in this project as well. The youtube channel that this will be uploaded in is in this link.

These are all my updates for now, and I will talk to you on my next post.


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