Hello world!! In todays post I want to talk about Booktubers. Booktubers are people that post videos on youtube about books. I personally adore watching book reviews or book shelf tours. Out of all the booktubers there are some that stand out in my opinion. That is why today I will present to you my top 3.

  1. Katytastic

  2. LittleBookOwl

  3. Booksandquills

I personally prefer these three for different reasons. Firstly, I love their taste in books. Now, Katytastic always makes my laugh. Her videos, are so funny. Her reviews are very nice. But, the thing that I find the most entertaining is her NanoWrimo videos. LittleBookOwl, is the channel I go to when I want to find new books to buy or read, in her hauls she always has a few information for the book she is showing (like the basic plotline, reviews etc.). Lastly, Booksandquills makes amazing reviews on books (sometimes and movies). All three of them have very similar, I think, taste in books. They mostly read Young adult novels, but they read other categories as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post. In the comments section you can leave your favourite blogs or youtube channels that are about books. Thank you for reading.


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