Hardest part of writing

In one of my previous posts I talked about the First Stage of Writing. Today, I want to talk to you about the editing process. The editing process is, for me, by far, the hardest part of writing. The reason is very simple. I am a perfectionist, and whenever I re-read something I have written, well, I end up changing it completely. The structure, the grammar, the vocabulary, everything changes when you are editing.Even some parts of the story change completely.  And it so hard, to re-read and re-write everything. But it is a process every writer must go through. You will never be able to sell your first draft, no matter how good you are. Only if you edit your text thoroughly , you will be able to find someone to publish your book.

That is why this summer my goal is to edit every single short story I have written. I hope I will manage to do that, although it will be tough, and tiring. What are your writing goals for this summer? (Finishing a First Draft, an outline, or editing your writing?)


3 thoughts on “Hardest part of writing

  1. Editing every short story you have ever written, that sounds like an epic quest. What is a summer lol? I would love to get a first draft done or just an outline of the novel then I can start giving it some aggressive writing.

  2. I tried NaNoWrimo, it made me feel like a failure lol. I work better on my own, oddly, I am more prolific when I don’t seem to be in any hurry. I am haphazard also. It is good for a lot of people though. I would be interested to write alongside people using that system to compare how prolific I was compared to them though. Interesting experiment methinks.

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