Update: Workshop, Camp NanoWrimo, Reading, School etc.

Alright, it is the 7th of July. This is my first July update, and hopefully it will clear things up a bit.

Firstly, the Debate workshop I participated in was wonderful. I am truly thankful that I was blessed enough to have a mother that wants to help me grow in all those aspects. Most of all that helps me with the way I look at my future, and helps me have ambitions. The workshop was very educational, and we covered so much ground on all the things that you have to do to be a good debator (style, strategy content, case building, judging). On the last day we had a tournament and my team won first place. Overall it was a wonderful experience and it was definetely worth it.

When it comes to Camp NanoWrimo, I am not very excited. I feel pressured to right and when I do sit down and write I do not like the outcome. It is like, for the first time my writing does not have a flow, or passion. It is like this Writing month has taken out all the fun part of Writing. The freedom, and this is something that I do not like. I am not sure if I want to quit doing it, I do not like quitting, but I do not like this situation I am put in right now. It is summer and I am a teenager, I want to go out with my friends and I want to write for fun. And I want to update this blog, and post as often as I can, and with Camp Nanowrimo I can not do all that.

When it comes to reading, I recently bought three new books. I will probably read them during the read-a-thon but I am not sure yet… The fact is that I will try my best to finish them in July. I also have three books that were sent to me and I have to read them but as soon as I do I will have book reviews up.

Lastly, school. I know summer break just started, but next year I will be an I.B. student. I recently got my program and I have to say it is quite demanding. I will be doing

English B High Level

Modern Greek Literature High Level

History High Level

Economics High Level

Biology Standard Level

Mathematics Standard Level

This means that I have to study. I need to make sure that I have covered all the chapters in math that I have already done. Also, it would be nice if I could actually read some of the books for my modern greek class. Therefore this summer, I have quite a lot of studying ahead of me.

What do you think about Camp NanoWrimo, should I quit or continue, even though I am not enjoying it?


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