The Fault in Our Stars by John Green- Book Review

The Fault in Our Stars  by John Green is a very heartfelt book. The title is an altered version of a line from the play Julius Ceasar by Shakespeare. The plot follows the story of Hazel-Grace, a teenage girl who suffers from cancer.  But her life changes drastically when she meets Isaac and her “special” friend Augustus.

The whole story is narrated in first person (Hazel-Grace is the narrator).  The book is wonderfully written, and it is definitely not tiring to read. Overall it definitely deserves Five Stars, and you should definitely take the time to read it.

Now, if you do not want any spoilers at all, you should stop reading here, and continue after you have finished the book.  But here is everything I felt while reading the book.

The book starts, when Hazel-Grace goes to her support Group  “The Literal Heart of Jesus”. This is where she meets Augustus, a friend of Isaac. She very quickly becomes really close friends with him.

Hazel-Grace has a favourite book called An Imperial Affliction. Throughout the book she makes references to lines and passages from that book. I can honestly say,  I would read that book if it existed. I would, the ending of An Imperial Affliction  left me speechless. It was a reminder that everything ends, and it our job to make sure we have completed our lives stories.

In the middle of the book there is quite a lot of action. Isaac goes blind, which completely changes my idea of Isaac. He has to pull through and overcome so many hardships. Also their trip to Amsterdam was wonderful. It made me wish that I had spent more time in Amsterdam, in my trip there as well.

Now, moving to the ending of the book.  When the eulogies start I honestly felt that they could have been a bit more emotional. When you lose a person that is so close to you, you are changed for the rest of your life. I feel like when I was in the part of the Pre-funeral I needed a bit more, I needed it to help me make sense of everything. Maybe my expectations where to high, but my opinion is that Hazel-Grace and Isaac did not give their best speeches, they could have done a lot better. The eulogy written by Augustus on the other hand, made sense. It really did. It helped me comprehend the funeral, the death. It made me feel passion for my life, it made me want to be ready, ready to fight, ready to live and ready to die.

This book was amazing. I wish I could simply analyse every single chapter of it. But I should not, because it is book to make you feel, and no one should alter your emotions. You should simply read it and then feel.


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