Something controversial and personal

This is something really personal. It has to do with God. I always had my beliefs and I felt close to God through those. Now, let me start by saying I do not follow a specific religion. I believe in things that appear in different religion. But lately, I have not been feeling very close to God. To this divine existence. To nature. To whatever one can consider to be God, and that to me is stressful. I love feeling close to God , I love that connection I used to feel. I do not know what to do, I do not know if I should try going to church or try to read the Bible, the Gita or other religious texts. I know many people do not believe in God, I know others are very religious and others believe. But that choice has to come from somewhere, I choose to believe but yet I feel kind of far from God.

I will try to figure out my way to approach Him, but it will be a journey. And since this blog is my journey through writing, school, friendship , life, I feel I can write about this journey as well. I understand that many people do not feel comfortable with this choice of mine. But I am not here to preach, I am simply here because I want to find my way, and sharing is a big part of that. Especially when you are as young as I am. I would love to hear from people with different religions, beliefs, and people that do not believe in God. I feel this should be one of the less controversial matters (even though it is not). Because apparently talking about how you feel about this matter, is offending.

So I am sorry if I am offending someone by choosing to post this, but please bare with me, I promise I am not here to preach, I am actually here to listen. So, help me if you can, talk to me, I am only trying to find my way, just like everyone else. And I am not scared of asking for help and talking about my journey .


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