First Glance: The Hunger Games Trilogy-Catching Fire Trailer Reaction/Review

Looking back to when I first saw this trailer, I remember one thought that was in my mind. Please make the Catching Fire movie better than the Hunger Games one. Now, do not get me wrong, I absolutely loved this trilogy, when I finished Catching Fire, I was bowling my eyes out, but the Hunger Games movie, was such a disappointment. That, like everything else said, is my humble opinion and you can disagree with me or agree, that will probably not change something though.


Now, on to the trailer. The trailer was powerful, the effects quite stunning. I loved seeing familiar faces. It did not give too much away about the plot of the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Nevertheless, it had some very unique moments, for example, somewhere around the middle of the video, there was this line about war and if you want to see “your loved ones gone” as is stated. As a statement that does have a powerful meaning, it reminds of the loss that comes after a war, and the fact that as humans, we ought to promote piece. We should love each other, and help each other.

I must admit, I am looking forward to watching the movie. I hope they have done a better job with sticking to the main plot and story, and portraying all the messages and ideas. Now I would really like to hear from you. Have you read the trilogy, seen the first movie, or the trailer? What is your opinion on this franchise?


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