Great Expectations – 2012 edition movie reviews

Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Title: Great Expectations
Year: 2012
Director: Mike Newell
Writer: David Nicholls (Screen Play)
Novel by: Charles Dickens
(some of the) Cast:
Helena Bonham Carter
Ralph Fiennes
Holliday Grainger
Robbie Coltrane
Jeremy Irvine
Jason Flemyng
Ewen Bremner

Storyline: The story of a young boy, who suddenly becomes a gentleman with the money that is provided to him by an unknown benefactor. But even when he becomes a gentleman he realises that, maybe, not all of his expectations can  become true just because he has money.


Characters: The characters in this film (having not yet read the book, I cannot compare them) were very well rounded. Almost all the characters in this movie, I hated, with passion. Pip the young man who becomes a gentleman was , in my opinion,  superficial and also, quite mean and he took the people in his life for granted. He was my least favourite character, my most favourite character was Joe, Pip’s uncle, because he was such a kind hearted man.  Other than Joe, the only other characters I did not hate were Magwitch and Miss Havisham, but that is just because I felt they were played with, and it was their circumstances that made them different.


General Feel: Although in this film there were a few scenes that were delightful, in general it left me feeling empty. There was  a lack of love in almost all the relationships in this movie. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed watching it and would definitely recommend it for the times you want to watch a more serious movie. The casting was also wonderful and brought all the characters to life amazingly.


Spoiler Notes:  In this section I would really like to talk about Mr. Jagger who was pulling the strings in this whole story, making Estelle, Miss Havisham and Magwitch a victim throughout the story. The only difference is that in the end Miss Havisham and Magwitch are trying to fix and to help the best way that they can. It is those choices that actually made me like them, instead of hate them.


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