Now is Good – Movie Review

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Title: Now is Good

Year: 2012

Director: Ol Parker

Writer: Ol Parker

Novel: Before I Die by Jenny Downham

(some of the) Cast: Dakota Fanning Jeremy Irvine Paddy Considine Olivia Williams

Storyline: A young girl suffering from leukemia, called Tessa, explored the world, while trying to do all of the things on her bucket list.

Characters: There were a few characters in this movie worth mentioning. We have Tessa her dad, mum and brother, also we have Adam who is her boyfriend and Zoey her best friend. The characters in this film are mostly developed in relationship to Tessa. We do not know a lot about their life and goals or dreams. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to have that many people care about Tessa, and to also see her reactions to things as the quickly change in her life.

General Feel: Generally, I loved this movie and I cannot wait to pick up the book (so looking forward to a book review soon). The different relationships in this movie, no matter how big or small they were added to the drama of the whole situation. If you have not yet seen that movie, please do, since it is a great movie.

Spoiler Notes:  The scene that Tessa gets out of the hospital and her name is on the walls everywhere is so emotional. It is in that moment that you realise that Adam truly cares, and is not just going to leave her. Also the scene where Tessa’s mum stays in the hospital was amazing, since that is where they start building a relationship again. 

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