Looking For Alaska- Book Review

Rating: 5/5 stars

Title: Looking for Alaska

Author: John Green

Year of Publication: 2005

Outline: The story is about a group of teenagers going to a Boarding school ( Culver Creek Preparatory High School) in Alabama. The story begins when Miles moves in Campus at the beginning of his junior year. There he makes friends and starts enjoying the life of a teenage boy.

(I do not want to give anything away, since I do not want to spoil the book for anyone, just go read it )


Characters: God, where do I start? Alright so the characters in this book are smart and funny and outgoing. Each and every one of them has a really weird habit, usually it has to do with memorization. The individuality of every character is what makes them relatable. Also, they are not perfect, no teenager or generally human being can be perfect, and that I loved because they where experimenting with new ideas and trying to figure out “the deeper meaning of things”, if one can call it that. This also goes to the other John Green book I have read so far “The Fault in Our Stars”, what I love, personally, about the characters is that they are not stupid, they might do things that may seem idiotic at times but you know they have a brain. John Green treats teenage characters as humans with brains and not just hormone crazy teenagers or people that are not yet adults (therefore not mature or smart enough), as a teenager you can understand that this is very important to me.


Overall feel: Overall, I can say that I absolutely loved the book. I liked the first half of the book a lot, at some point I even liked it more than “The Fault in Our Stars” (my own personal collection of my guidance books has TFIOS in it), but then everything changed in the book. I am not saying it became not well written or didn’t make you want to know what would happen next. All I am saying is that the second half I was a dealing with all the emotion from the first half and I still feel a kind of sadness but also completion. Generally, if you have not yet picked up a John Green book I strongly to do so, you can choose between any of his novels and then read more, if you wish to of course. I will definitely pick up “Paper Towns” next, but that might take a while since I have a ton of other books to finish.

This is the link to my “The Fault in Our Stars ” Book Review

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