Summer 2013

This summer I had about 20  favourite songs. Not all of them songs were songs I would dance to, but songs that I enjoyed. Some are older and others came out this year. Nevertheless these were my favourite songs during the summer of 2013.

Now, because as I said some of the songs were not songs you would dance around to, I will start with those.

Firstly, I found out a song that is quite old. When I say old, I truly mean it. It came out the same year my mother was born. The song is by Dolly Parton and it speaks of a girl  that is so very beautiful that she will steal her man away. The name of the song is

Jolene by Dolly Parton

Another song I have been loving this summer is

Ripped Away by This Wild Life

along with that song I also listened to

Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings

Moving on, I have really been enjoying the song

Lying to the Mirror by Gabrielle Aplin

the song is talking about we are not true to ourselves, and we are trying to lie to our reflection. It is also talking about how we fear that we will be accepted but in reality everything in our everyday life will define us. It is a wonderful song and I have been listening to it for quite a while now, without getting bored of it.

Next on this list we have

Surrender by Hillsong United

now, this song is a religious song. It talks about God and Jesus and how he is in you. If you do not believe in these things I would not recommend this song. Personally listening to it makes me calm.

The next three songs are love songs.

Set me on Fire by Bella Ferraro 

Bella Ferraro is a great singer and she was in X Factor Australia (her audition song was Skinny Love).

the next song is

Little Things by One Direction

this song was actually written, partly, by Ed Sheeran ( who is my favourite artist) . This summer my favourite song of Ed Sheeran, and the next song on this list is

Give me Love by Ed Sheeran

If you have not yet heard this song, I strongly urge you to do so. The lyrics are amazing and the ending part might seem weird but I adore it. The Official Video is also great, the whole idea of cupid needing to feel love as well was just very attracting to me.

Moving on to the songs that are my dance around songs.

Firstly, we have two One Direction songs

Rock Me by One Direction

Kiss You by One Direction

I do not know why, but these songs are the ones I sing with my best friend on the street so I enjoy them and they make me happy.

Furthermore, I really like a song called

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

this song is actually a release song for me. It makes me feel free and able to conquer any kind of struggle (is that weird? )

Another few songs I really enjoyed this past summer were

Mr Know It All by Kelly Clarkson

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

One Rocking Party by Prince of Thieves

The End of the World by McFly

Oh No by  Marina & The Diamonds

Get Lucky by Daft Punk 

Step Right Up by Radical Something

Next to Me by Emeli Sandè

Lastly, my probably favourite song of this past month (and one of my favourites of this summer) is

Counting Stars by One Republic.

The lyrics of this song are just magical to me. Maybe it is because some of the lyrics spoke to me. For example at some point it says

“and I feel something so wrong doing the right thing” 

and that is exactly how I felt. I told truth to people about what they made me feel like with their actions and yet I felt guilty, mostly because I am used to not telling people how I feel. Anyway if you have not heard that song, please do so because it is a wonderful song.

Now these were my favourite songs for the summer of 2013, what where yours?


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