The Virgin Suicide – Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Title: The Virgin Suicide


Director: Sophia Coppola

Writer: Sophia Coppola

Novel by: Jeffrey Eugenides

(some of the) Cast:

Kathleen Turner

James Woods

Josh Hartnett

Kirsten Dunst

Chelse Swain

A.J. Cook

Hanna Hall

Leslie Hayman

Storyline: The story of some teenage boys that are trying to figure out the Lisbon sisters and their actions, to the point where they begin to be obsessed.

Characters: In my opinion I do not think that you actually get to know a lot about the characters. It is mostly some of their actions that helped you become invested in them. Maybe through that is what makes them interesting, the fact that they are mysterious.

General Feel: Overall I liked the movie, but I have not yet read the book. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this adaptation (or so I think), many people support the idea that it is actually a great adaptation and others consider it a horrible one. I personally cannot judge whether it was good or not because I have not yet taken the time to read the book. So, as a viewer that has only seen the movie I will say it was decent, many questions were left unanswered but still, it was an okay film.


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