The Diary of A Young Girl – Book Review

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Title: The Diary of a Young Girl (The Diary of Anne Frank)

Author: Anne Frank

Genre: Autobiography

Year of Publication: 1947

Year of Publication in English: 1952



Outline:  The Diary that Anne Frank kept during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. In her diary she writes about her relationship with the other members of her family as well as the families that lived with them. She also talks about how she experienced the war from their hiding place.


Characters: Since this is a diary, we get to meet all of the people that lived in hiding, but we mostly get to meet them through their relationship with Anne. Therefore, the person that we have the clearest picture about is Anne, who over the course of the two years that she had been in hiding had changed dramatically. One might even go as far as to say that the Anne in the beginning and the Anne at the end are completely different. Throughout the book we follow her journey as a teenage girl living in hiding. She, just like every other teenage girl explored ideas about life and also her sexuality. Anne, appears to be smart and mature beyond her years, but at the same time, she was moody and sensitive.


Overall feel:  The diary was a pleasure to read. Of course, there where points were I cried my eyes out. But, I can say that it gave me a lot. It made me want to be an investigator and to love my life and appreciate the people in it. I do not think it necessary of me to urge you to read this book since I am sure many of you already have (I think in some countries they teach it in school, though I am not one hundred per cent sure).


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