Echelon Conspiracy Movie Review

Rating:3/5 stars

Title: Echelon Conspiracy

Year: 2009

Director: Greg Marcks

Writer: Michael Nitsberg (screenplay and story), Kevin Elders (screenplay)

(some of the) Cast:

Shane West

Edward Burns

Ving Rhames

Tamara Feldman

Storyline: A story about the power of technology and national security.

Characters: If there is one thing that I loved about the characters in this film is that they are human. They have human flaws (like, lust and greed) but they also have virtues, they trust maybe naively at times, they also love and they help each other, even if it is at the last minute.

General Feel: Generally, the movie was quite good. It was an eventful and adventurous film. Anyone that likes action films might like it. Personally, I do not particularly enjoy action films so I would not watch it again, but I do recommend it to anyone interested in that genre of film.


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