“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”-Movie Review

Hello! It has been a long time since I last posted something but school and my friends and sleep have taken over my life. I do regret not posting but I honestly usually don’t have the time. For example today I have to write 2 essays for my literature class and also a few exercises for my history, maths and economics classes. Nevertheless, in my english class we had to write a movie review this week and since I went to see the second film in the Hunger Games Trilogy (Catching fire) and since I wrote the review I thought, why not upload it. The format is different, it is not the one I usually used but I think that is okay.  I hope you enjoy this review. Also during Christmas I am hoping I will have some time off, even though of my free time is demanded by others. Anyway here you go.

Catching Fire-Movie review

Ranking:4/5 Stars


The movie starts out with Katniss in the eerie woods hunting. Katniss has now moved from the Seam to the victor’s village of District 12 with her family. Now, the victor’s village is resided by Haymitch, Peeta and Katniss. The on-screen relationship that Peeta and Katniss had during the 74th Hunger Games has disjointed. Since their return to District 12 they have hardly spoke.

President Snow visits Katniss before the victors’ tour. He tells her that she needs to convince the whole of Panem for her love for Peeta. In the victory tour, Katniss and Peeta are supposed to visit all of the districts and the Capitol. The first district they visit is District 11. The tributes from this district were Thresh and Rue. During the Games, Katniss and Rue had been very close and therefore, Katniss is very emotional during their visit there. In the end of their visit to District 11 an old man in the audience salutes them with three-fingers and whistles Rue’s whistle. The rest of the District follows. In the end of their victory tour Katniss and Peeta announce their engagement.

President Snow is not pleased with their performance and he wants to get rid of Katniss, but there is a new game makes, Plutarch Havensbee and he convinces him not to kill Katniss.

This year Hunger Games are special, it’s the seventy-fifth annual Hunger Games. This year, as announced by President Snow, the tribute will be chosen from the existing tribute of each district. In District 12 there is only one female tribute, Katniss. On the day of the reaping, the male tribute picked is Haymitch but Peeta volunteers in his place and therefore, they both must head back to the Capitol.

This Hunger Games are different, the tributes have won the Hunger Games and thus, they are “professional killers”. Haymitch encourages Peeta and Katniss to choose allies in the arena. The Capitol has went all out for this Hunger Games, new training centres were built and the new arena is deadly. Katniss with the help of her allies manage to figure out how this arena works and with this information Katniss does something no tribute before her has managed to do.


In my opinion this instalment in the Hunger Games trilogy was much better made than the first one. The screen writers managed to keep to the story line, more than they had in the first movie. Also, the new director Francis Lawerence and the whole crew did an amazing job with the cinematography. The special effects were wonderfully made and that played a huge role in the scenes in the arena.

Generally they managed to capture the main essence and point of the second instalment in this trilogy and that is REVOLUTION. Compared to the first movie, this one was much more solid, much darker and more mature. The characters had grown and they were much closer to what they were described like in the book.



I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone above 13. It is a PG-13 movie for a reason, it has a lot of violence and in some parts cursing is implied. Other than that, it does not have any nudity and generally, it was a really good movie. If you are a fan of the book, you will enjoy this movie more than the first one, simply because it sticks to the book more. Lastly, this movie has a message that is very strongly presented, and that message is hope. Thus, I would recommend this movie to young adults and older.


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