Once more, I have to apologize. It has been a really long time since I found the time to relax. As I may, or may have not written, I am an IB student now, and that means a ton of homework. You cannot even imagine how much I miss writing this blog. How much I missed having a way to express myself. In the past few things I haven’t written half a sentence of anything. I feel drained and that is very tiring. As much as I love my schooling career this year, it has been so tiring for me. The few hours I have that I don’t have homework, I have to work on my debating, and I also have to find sometime for my friends, and I don’t want to stay alone. So the thing sucrificed was that has kept me sane through so many things, my writing.  I wish I could make up more time during the day, but I can’t. I can’t stay up late during the night just to write, although if I had the energy I would. Anyway in a week I am turning 17, so its time to mature a bit more. Its time to learn how to keep everything organized and to find solutions to most if not all of my problems.  I need to raise money for summer camp, I need to get a scholarship and I need to get at least a 40 out of 42 for my schooling if I want to get into a good university.  Now, I do not know when I will have the time to write again. But till then. Goodbye and I am hoping you are having a wonderful time. 


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