Updating my tasks and schedule

Hello wonderful world. Today it’s a bright day, with the sun shining on my face ( I must admit it’s kind of annoying but I won’t complain.) The past few months I have noticed I spent approximately 3 hours a week or even more on trains, metros and buses, usually during this time I read a book or I just do nothing, but from this day on I am setting a goal. Every single month I will read at least two books (since I have all this time spent on trains) and I will write a book review on them. Now, if you too, like me have this kind of time to spear then join me and we can all read together. Different books, at different places, at different times yet, this kind of a project can bring us together. If every month we set a goal of reading a certain amount of books and post reviews and have book discussions, we will built an amazing community for people that do love books, and writing, but just don’t have that much time because life takes over. So join me and every month we will talk about books.

The book I will first review is called Hitler’s Niece, so be looking for that in March. If you have any good book recommendations then leave them in the comment section and let’s get to reading.


Kisses, Eliana


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