A much needed Time Out

I do not know about you, but many times I feel like I need to have a time out. A time out to me means, no studying, no worrying, and no more sleepless nights. Once in a while I wish that I could be able to just sit around and watch a movie or write or just do whatever I want. That isn’t always possible, but from now on I decided I would allow myself to take a few times out during a month, and by that I mean have days that I do absolutely nothing, I just sit and relax, because right now I am stressing over everything and I still have the hardest year of school ahead of me.


Now, for a person like me, relaxing isn’t easy, because I just cannot get my mind to stop, it is really hard some times to just watch a movie. Actually I do not remember the last time I watched a movie without doing something else at the same time. But, I will try and I will try to do that through journaling. I do not know if I will keep my own journal, or do it through the general sunday posts on my blog, or do it on my tumblr blog, but I will find a way.


Lastly, I wanted to ask you, when you write, do you prefer writing in a physical book, or writing in a word document on your computer?


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