The Art of Latin Dance


Today, I want to write about the art of dancing, and more specifically of dancing latin dances. Recently, I was in a Latin party and I noticed something, although I love all types of dances Latin is special. You can dance with a total stranger and still your bodies can be so connected and in harmony. You can dance with a total stranger, and still it looks like you have been rehearsing this dance for months. That is special. It is an intimate interaction between human without spoken words, but through the universal language of moving and dancing.


I think that is all I have to share, the experience of going to a Latin party even though I have never formally trained in it, was magical and I am planning to repeat it again. Next time, you learn that something similar is happening and you can go grab the chance I am sure you will enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Latin Dance

  1. I do some ballroom dancing myself. Here’s something one of my best teachers told me. In the case of dances like Waltz or Foxtrot, two people have somewhere to get to, and they try to travel there energetically. But in Latin dances, there’s no specific “where” you must go. It’s all about the relationship, the communication between the dancers.

    1. That is a very interesting concept! I have never ballroom danced, I have only watched others do it, thus, I have never experienced something like that, but I must tell you the concept of it amazes me. Thank you for commenting!

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