Divergent Book Review

Rating: 5/5 stars

Title: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Year of Publication: 2011



 The story is that of a post-apocalyptic society where people are now divided into factions. Each faction as a different value that it stands for. Everyone in this society choose in which faction to go to, but they do usually have an aptitude for one of the factions. If you haven’t read the book you might ask, which are the factions? Well the factions are:

The Abnegation, people who value selflessness and giving to others.

The Erudite, people who above all value knowledge

The Amity, people who like to be peaceful

The Candor, people who believe that honesty is the only way to go

The Dauntless, people who value being brave


and lastly, there are the Factionless, because not everyone fits in a specific faction and not everyone makes it through the initiation process of each faction.

Our story follows a young girl, named Beatrice Prior, remember that name, who was born in Abnegation, but made a rather choice to change factions. The whole first and second book of this trilogy is told from her point of view. Now, Beatrice chooses Dauntless and there she decides on a new name Tris, fearsome name I know. In Dauntless, Tris meets a great number of people and quite frankly I cannot mention all of them or what happens in the book with them, that would just spoil it.

On to what I thought of the book. I love this trilogy, I wish I had picked it up earlier, but the booktubeathon and its challenge to read a whole series during that one week brought on a great opportunity for me to read, or actually listen to this books. I finished the trilogy and so after this review I will write one for book two, Insurgent, and book three, Allegiant, as well as a movie review for Divergent. But let us get back to the book for now. I personally loved it, it was something about watching the character grow, as well as finding out for myself that fear is not as important. As humans we have learned to be limited by it, and that is the worst thing we can do. A greek writer wrote on his grave “I do not fear anything, I do not hope for anything, I am free”. I might not completely agree with this quote, because I find that hope is a good thing, maybe one of the few things everyone has and no one can deprive it from us, but I do agree on the fact that we must fear nothing. In a weird way this book made me feel that, made me feel dauntless. Another aspect I liked is that, to a certain extent you have a choice, you choose your faction and if you want to stay in it, you choose to work hard, and nothing but your own choices can define what you will end up being.


So what did you think of this trilogy if you have read it? Does it sound like something you would be interested in reading if you haven’t? Lastly, which Faction suits you? Is it more than one?


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