The English Teacher Movie Review

Rating: 2/5 stars

Title: The English Teacher

Year: 2013

Director: Craig Zisk

Writer:  Dan Chariton, Stacy Chariton


Storyline: The story of a teacher and her former student that returns to his home town.

I really did not like this movie. The start of the movie was really good, the teacher trying to help her former student, they whole idea seemed appealing, but at some point it lost it. It just became a silly movie, that to me wasn’t even enjoyable to watch. As soon as the romantic aspect kicked in, the movie got worst and worst. If it focused on how the teacher helped her student to gain confidence again in himself and his writing the movie would be great, why did they need to complicate things by making the two get together. I just do not understand it. Anyway, I would not recommend this movie to anyone, I mean I did not find it to be enjoyable or nice to watch , so why would I?


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