Insurgent Book Review

Rating: 5/5 stars

Title: Insurgent 

Author: Veronica Roth

Year of Publication: 2012


Insurgent is the second book in the Divergent trilogy and I must admit I did not love it as much as the first one, but I still really liked it, and I think it too deserves a 5/5 stars rating. I have been thinking about how to write this review without spoiling anything for everyone that has not yet read the book and I must admit that I still have not figured it out. I think what I will do is that, when I feel something is a spoiler I will underline it, so when something looks like this  you should ignore it if you do not want to be spoiled.

The book picks up exactly where Divergent left off, that is on the train heading towards the Amity compound. Let’s speak characters for a minute, there is Tris whom I abolutely love, and Four of course who is divine, and then there is Caleb who could drop dead and I wouldn’t care a single bit, because he is an annoying know it all that for some reason has this misconception that he is so much better than everyone else. News flash, he is not. Then of course there is Peter and Marcus, who could just not exist and I would be happy. But enough with my ranting about the characters.  So as the book progresses, we get to know more about other factions, and we also get to see the relationships between many of the characters evolve even further.  Most importantly, Tris and Four grow closer and their bond tightens.

The plot is somethingI would love to talk about but I just can’t, all i can say is I absolutely loved the ending of the book, and the whole book was worth reading because of it, so do read the book!


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